Who we are

We are Polish based IT outsourcing company specializing in software development and IT consulting services. We are experts with years of experience in modern technologies and engineering methodologies. Our primary area of expertise includes native application development, embedded software development and backend systems.

What we do

Native development

Building native apps that user can install on an end-user PC running Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Backend systems

Distributed, fault tolerant, and high performance scalable systems carefully crafted for your needs - from web apps, to custom network protocols.


Drive innovation and business growth while reducing costs. Start working with our fully committed experts straight away.

Embedded software

We can build a modern, safe and innovative software that is targeted at constrained embedded devices.

Legacy code

Full service and maintenance for your legacy code including auditing, modernisation, implementing new features and testing.


We're very open about any project, and technology. Tell us about your business and let's discuss future opportunities together.

Mostly used technologies

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